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Web Conferences in 2014

Posted by Raimondo Fanale • Thursday, May 15. 2014 • Category: Beyond Web Pages (ex web 2.0)

Web Conferences in 2014

Web conferences are becoming a global trend in technology, with hundreds of thousands of people attending them each year. In fact, these web conferences are becoming more and more of an event for those who are technically inclined, as well as those who wish to fast track their learning process. Geographic boundaries collapse as not being able to attend and event, will not be a limitation to experiencing the conference in its entirety.

Upcoming Conferences

In the year 2014, there are a few conferences that are worth looking out for. At these conferences, you will find content to engage and inspire you. There will also be opportunities to network and build alliances with other people in the same field. Some connections who may even help to bring your ideas to new dimensions. Lectures from experts in the field of technology and web design, may be just what you need to help you finish a project you have been working on.

Design Conference

Even though we are already half way into the year of 2014, there are still many great conferences that interested participants can attend. One of the most anticipated, is the Design Conference in May in Dubrovnik. Participants will be fully immersed in varied design processes, tolls, education and sociotechnical issues to ensure design is understood in all its complexities.

Web Conference

Another conference where inventions will be brought to life is the infamous WEB conference in June. Over the years, this conference has looked at what the future of the web will look like and how it will become more and more user-friendly.

Fronteers Conference

Later in the year, the Fronteers Conference and the CSS Development Conference promise to be events that will be spoken about for years to come. There is really a conference out there for anyone, irrespective of their interests or area of expertise. Signing up is very easy, and many of these conferences will even offer people the opportunity to receive partial, as well as full, scholarships to attend.

Conferences are a once in a life time experience
and you can expect to came back with best practices from all over the world. These are aimed to help make your operations at home, or at your business, run smoother. The lessons learned are often well worth the money that is spent. Many websites offer a list of conferences that may interest you, all you need to do is browse and see which ones jump out at you the most, and then apply to attend.

A short list of web conferences:

hongkiat - 40 web design conferences
smashing magazine - upcoming web design conferences 
hongkiat - 24 awesome web design conferences you should know 

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